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Lithium ION UPS Solutions

Oper8 was a Certified Reseller Partner for Methode/CTI across Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific.

Methode Lithium-ION UPS >> Superseded

Oper8 no longer  supports or offers Methode UPS systems following release of our new innovative, globally supported, Lithium ION UPS solutions offering:

  • a 12kVA rated Lithium ION UPS, consuming only 2U of rack space
  • an 18kVA rated Lithium ION UPS, consuming only 3U of rack space
  • dual outputs per UPS which enables a UPS quantity reduction across MicroDC models comprising two racks or more
  • separate battery modules, with the ability add an additional battery module (maximum of 2 modules in total) to increase battery run time
  • improved monitoring and management features
  • Fast recharge and improved battery run time
  • The 12kVA unit weighs 28kg including battery module versus old Methode Lithium UPS at 38kg, or lead-acid equivalent at 100kg
  • Global warranty and support


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