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StruxureWare Solutions

Oper8 is pleased to be recognised as a Schneider-Electric Advanced Software Partner in the Asia Pacific Region.

Offering solutions, both on-premise and hosted ‘as a service‘, Oper8 can deliver a DCIM (Data Center Infrastructure Management) system combining one or both of:

  • StruxureWare Data Center Expert
  • StruxureWare Data Center Operations (and associated add-on modules)

Management & Visibility

The dynamic data centre has hundreds of data points reporting on availability, temperature, airflow, humidity, leaks and security. Sifting through the data is time consuming and it can be difficult to discover any emerging trends, let alone gain visibility into the current health of the data centre.

With instant fault notification and escalation, timely resolution of critical infrastructure issues impacting the operational performance of your data centre can be quickly actioned. Combined with user-defined reporting, graphs and dashboards, visibility of your mission critical infrastructure and systems enables more accurate change management, capacity planning, and asset management.

Deployment Options

As a Schneider-Electric Advanced Software Partner, Oper8 has been deploying and supporting two primary deployment options for our customers. Traditional StruxureWare licenses can be purchased with annual maintenance fees, while Oper8’s unique StruxureWare as a Service can be aligned to your cashflow, data centre growth, and move CAPEX to OPEX for your DCIM solution.

 StruxureWare as a Service Available Modules and Licensing Model
  • Available for both Data Center Expert and Data Center Operations (all modules except the Mobile appliance)
  • Flexible billing and licensing options from monthly or quarterly, to half-yearly or annual
  • Incremental license add-ons for both Data Center Expert and Data Center Operations
  • Optionally hosted as a separate, secure instance on Oper8 VM platforms (either On-Premise* or centrally hosted in Oper8 Data Centres)
  • License only subscriptions for installation on your own VM hardware are available
  • Integration with NetBotz devices can be included
  • Take advantage of Oper8’s hosted DCE and DCO systems for a complete, remote ‘as a Service’ solution
  • Optional dedicated Communic8 site-to-site connectivity can be arranged and/or managed by Oper8
  • Optional Oper8 alert management* where Oper8 receives alerts relating to your sites and manages the fault resolution process.

Our contract model is based on the Oper8 Master Service Agreement (MSA) and the StruxureWare Services Schedule.

Terms from 36 months to 60 months available.

* Conditions apply.

  • Data Center Expert: per Node
  • Data Center Operations (DCO): per Rack
  • DCO Add-Ons Licensed per Rack:
    • DCO – Capacity
    • DCO – Change
    • DCO – IT Optimize
  • Add-Ons Licensed per Instance:
    • DCO – Energy Efficiency
    • DCO – Energy Cost
    • DCO – Insight
    • DCO – Dashboard

Minimum license quantities apply per Module.

StruxureWare Mobile appliances are priced per device, while StruxureWare Vizor (smartphone / tablet app) is a free download from the respective Apple or Android store.

Additional optional considerations:

  • Schneider / APC Power Distribution Units (PDUs) to enable smart metering at the rack level
  • ATS devices to support single-corded rack mounted devices
  • NetBotx environmental sensors and security solutions
  • SMS and Email Gateway services

StruxureWare as a Service solutions allow you to start small and grow with your data centre infrastructure – it’s a great way to keep early capital costs under control, while obtaining the benefits of the StruxureWare platform.

Please feel free to outline your requirements when you Contact Us.

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