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Mike at Oper8 | November 05 2015 Comments 0

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Many organisations look to the big global cloud providers due to scale and the hope of reducing IT costs. Smaller targeted niche Australian providers such as Oper8 focus on service delivery, local support and price certainty. So it’s interesting to see that from the 1st of August 2015 Microsoft Azure and Azure Marketplace customers will experience a 26% increase in the price of their services. This price increase appears like poor timing when in early July this year many Australian businesses which rely on Azure were unable to connect to their cloud hosted services for several hours (source:,microsoft-azure-australia-east-hit-by-outage.aspx).

Given also that in recent times Amazon Web Services, and Google have been reducing their hosting pricing, this price rise by Microsoft this flies in the face of the current market trend for the big players. Oper8’s hosting service fees and charges have remained steady and continue to deliver great value to our customers.

While Enterprise agreements might protect large businesses from the considerable price increase, the current outage performance may be enough to make even corporate customers think twice about their hosting provider and question the value that they provide (source:

Oper8 has alternative hosting services that present affordable solutions with our Australian data centres, and you can be assured that price hikes are far less likely to be a concern for our clients. The good news is, if you want to avoid the price hike, you still can. Contact our friendly sales team today to discuss your cloud, storage and hosting needs.

Mike at Oper8 | November 05 2015