Australian Owned

Our Team

Oper8 is a typically Australian, diverse and multi-cultural team that delivers a great mix of skills that are well suited to support our customers across Australia and the South Pacific.

With the large range of global cloud and IT service providers entering our region, we strongly believed that a local option needed to be available, with a background and knowledge of the Australian IT marketplace.

Our Platforms in Australia

As such, Oper8 has been delivering IT, communications, data centre and data storage solutions that are managed and operated within Australia since early 2012. We have invested in our own Cloud Storage Solutions that deliver a range of secure and cost effect storage services that comply with Australian Privacy Laws while keeping our customer’s data within Australia’s legal jurisdiction.

While we are fortunate to maintain great partnering and supply relationships with both national and multinational suppliers, Oper8’s primary focus is to enable excellent services that are managed and located through our Australian facilities.


With the obvious advantage of being in the same time zone, we pride ourselves on being available to talk to our customers and help align IT solutions to their specific business needs.