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Oper8 CloudBox

Cloud storage promises to deliver great cost-savings and business agility for enterprise IT, while delivering easier ways of storing, sharing and protecting your critical business data.

However, making cloud storage usable for applications that are not purely in the cloud poses several challenges: security of data as it moves to and from the cloud, WAN speed and latency in remote sites, integration with existing IT systems and applications, and last but not least, knowing where your data actually is located or stored.

Private Virtual Portal Oper8 CloudBox enables customised, private Virtual CloudBox Portals that enable a secure container for your staff, your shared data, and your critical business data backups.

If you are a Micro Business or a Small Business, perhaps you’d like an individual account using our multi-user portal at http://my.oper8cloud.com.au

Businesses who would like their own Virtual Portal will obtain an address with their business name in the address prefix, for example: http://myname.oper8cloud.com.au

Oper8 Cloud Storage The Oper8 CloudBox service, infrastructure and associated Oper8 Cloud Storage is located in Oper8’s Australian Data Centres.

Oper8 does not use public cloud infrastructure owned by 3rd party multinational providers as part of storing or protecting your data. Optional ‘encryption at rest’ is available.

File Sync & Share Use CloudBox to deliver hybrid cloud/on-premises storage, data protection and collaboration solutions, managed centrally from a single platform.
Workstation Backup Automatically backup your local PCs, Workstations and Laptops either directly to Oper8 CloudBox, or to a local (on premise) CloudNAS that in turn is backed up (automatically) to your Oper8 CloudBox service. This is a great option for mobile workers who are constantly travelling with a laptop.

Backup options include select folders, and/or the whole machine.
Windows, MAC and Linux operating systems are supported.

Server Backup Automatically backup your local Servers either directly to Oper8 CloudBox, or to a local (on premise) CloudNAS that in turn is backed up (automatically) to your Oper8 CloudBox service.

Backup options include select folders, applications, and/or the whole machine. Windows, MAC and Linux operating systems are supported.

CloudNAS Local Gateway Appliances A local (on premise) CloudNAS provides network attached storage (NAS) functionality for local office staff (with multiple network shares able to be created), while enabling fast local network backups for Workstations and Servers.

CloudNAS appliances connect to a selected CloudBox account for regular, scheduled backups.

Integrated Mobile Apps CTERA mobile applications for iPhone, iPad and Android devices are freely available for download, and allow direct connection to your Oper8 CloudBox account and associated data.

Oper8’s CloudBox solution is a platform that supports mobile workers, remote offices and branches – all while sharing select files and folders with staff, suppliers and/or customers as you require.

With the optional use of Oper8 CloudNAS gateways, workstation and/or server agents, or mobile apps, you can take advantage of the Oper8 CloudBox portal to enable a secure, network-optimised internet file sharing and backup solution that doesn’t require development or custom integration.

Navigating The Challenges of Diverse Storage Environments

Our local cost of ownership solution helps reduce the number of storage platforms across your business:

  • Remote Office / Branch Office (ROBO) storage: A complete solution for storage, data protection and file sharing that is physically distributed across your branches, but is centrally managed (and backed up)
  • Enterprise File Sync & Share: Addressing the needs of employees and business associates to easily access and share files within predefined teams or in an ad-hoc manner, while providing a secure and local alternative to consumer focused cloud services. Set a time limit on your shared file or folder, and make your files read-only or alternatively enable a read-write folder for extended project teams.
  • Difficult to backup NAS: Replacing expensive file servers and stand-alone NAS devices with a centrally-managed, Oper8 CloudNAS appliances with local storage capacity, automated CloudBox backup, and no need for on-site IT staff.


Oper8 CloudNAS appliances are available in four variants ranging from the small CloudNAS-200 units to corporate level CloudNAS-800 Plus appliances:

  • CloudNAS-200 (C200): 2 x 4TB (RAID-1); dual 1GbE ports
  • CloudNAS-400 (C400): 4 x 4TB (RAID-5); dual 1GbE ports
  • CloudNAS-800 (C800): 8 x 4TB (RAID-5); dual 1GbE ports
  • CloudNAS-800Plus (C800-P): 8 x 4TB (RAID-5); dual 1GbE ports; expanded user capacity

Service Options

Oper8 CloudBox services are available with a range of options:

  • Select how much CloudStorage you require – from 50GB to 20TB
  • Start with as little as one File Sync & Share license to enable your account (allows up to 5 devices per license)
  • Incrementally add Workstation or Backup licenses
  • Optionally select a CloudNAS appliance for your onsite needs (purchase or pay-by-the-month options apply)

Contact sales@oper8.com.au to discuss the best option to fit your business needs.

Incremental add-on options include:

  • File Sync and Share Licenses
  • Workstation Backup Licenses
  • Server Backup Licenses
  • Oper8 CloudNAS appliances
  • Company Branding for your CloudBox web portal
  • Dedicated Oper8 CloudBox Portal platform
  • Oper8 Cloud Storage capacity
  • Oper8 Installation Services

Oper8 is a Certified Reseller Partner for CTERA in Australia.

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