Coloc8 – Data Centre Solutions

Oper8’s colocation and data centre solutions can help your business Coloc8 your critical business data in our secure and highly resilient data centres. Combined with our DCIM* and environmental monitoring ‘as a service’, with optional Communic8 services, Oper8 can deliver comprehensive data centre solutions to meet your needs.

The Coloc8 Advantage

Oper8 uses high security, high availability data centres to deliver colocation services ranging from half rack to whole racks, with IT loads from 2kW to 20kW or more.

Through our partnerships with Equinix and NEXTDC and a long-standing relationship in Polaris, Oper8 can deliver Coloc8 data centre colocation services across most states of Australia. Our data centre footprint includes capacity and connectivity solutions in Brisbane, Springfield, Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and Perth.

While our focus is to deliver Coloc8 data centre services from our Australian data centres, our ability to deliver international colocation solutions to our customers offshore, can be enabled in over 30 markets through Oper8@Equinix.

Our new STULZ Enabled by Oper8 MicroDC solutions off on-premise dedicated micro data centres that support local and edge compute, hybrid cloud and IoT solutions. With a broad range of systems from one to six racks, and HPC solutions to 64kW per rack – we have a platform that can be right sized to your needs. Visit our dedicated MicroDC website at

Our Coloc8 services offer more than just colocation, with DCIM* and Monitoring solutions, Data Centre as a Service, and connectivity.  Other Specialist Services including Remote Hands, Specialist Cleaning or Internet Content Filtering are also available.

Bundling Coloc8 services with our Communic8 and Elev8 storage solutions can enable a range of cost savings, while taking advantage of our Accelr8 solutions can deliver improved network connectivity between your office locations and your colocated systems.

* Definitions:

DCIM – Data Centre Infrastructure Management
kW – Kilowatt, a derived unit measure of energy