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Oper8 delivers our colocation, hosting and cloud services from our Australian Data Centres including

  • Oper8@NEXTDC (Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and Perth)
  • Oper8@Equinix (Equinix Sydney and Melbourne)
  • Oper8@Polaris (Polaris Data Centre, Springfield)
  • Oper8@Global (covering 15 countries)

Customers in Oper8@NEXTDC can also take advantage of Oper8’s ONEDC as a Service, Elev8 backup and archive storage solutions, and our Communic8 Cloud Connect and Internet services.

In addition, we can host your vendors and suppliers when they need to do work on your equipment. Our international and interstate clients save on travel costs, and can better meet their up-time objectives.

Oper8@NEXTDC features the following capabilities:

At the Rack Level At the Data Centre Facility Level
  • Quarter and Half Rack hosting options
  • Colocation Full Rack services range from 1kW to 6kW of IT Load (single phase power circuits deployed)
  • Colocation High Density options available from 7kW to 20kW IT Load (three phase power circuits deployed)
  • N+N Power to the Rack
  • N+1 Cooling and Humidity Systems
  • 24×7 access* to your rack(s) and IT equipment
  • Single-Mode fibre cross connects available
  • CAT6 copper cross connects to Communic8 services and between adjacent customer racks
  • Better than ‘Tier 3 compatible’ service availability (99.99%)

Our contract model is based on Oper8 Master Service Agreement (MSA) and Oper8@NEXTDC Services Schedule.

Terms from 24 months to 60 months available.

* Conditions apply.

  • Dual redundant power (11kV feeders) and water supplies (recycled and potable water)
  • N+1 Inert Gas Fire Suppression
  • VESDA type smoke detection system to all floors in the building
  • 24×7 Security and Facilities Management
  • 24×7 Secure Deliveries*
  • Biometric access control at each data hall man-trap
  • Intruder Resistant Perimeter
  • Video surveillance to all entries, external, lift lobbies, and data centre floors with digital storage and 24/7 monitoring
  • Secure lift access to all Data Centre floors
  • Vehicle Trap (capable of handling a long rigid vehicle) in secure loading bay
  • Separate secure foyer with access logging for entering the Data Centre security zone
  • Carrier independent, with physically separate Meet Me Rooms and communications risers

Oper8@NEXTDC  colocation services are based on IT kW Load per rack, and are inclusive of power and cooling consumption. Terms and conditions are detailed in the Oper8 MSA and the Oper8@NEXTDC Services Schedule (available on request).

Cross-connect, Communic8 and Elev8 storage and data backup options are also available.
Coloc8 customers in Oper8@NEXTDC, Oper8@Polaris and Oper8@Equinix can also take advantage of our carrier redundant Communic8 service options.

Please feel free to outline your requirements when you Contact Us.


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