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RF Code: Increasing Visibility, Reducing Costs

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RF Code Solutions

Oper8 is a Certified Reseller Partner for RF Code across Australia and the South Pacific.

The complete RF Code platform combines wire-free asset location and environmental instrumentation with a dedicated wire-free reader infrastructure and data normalisation middleware, tightly integrated with RF Code’s powerful data center management software. The RF Code end-to-end solution delivers the accurate, real-time data center operational data you need to make the decisions that protect your data centers while saving time and money.

Options include direct purchase of the RF Code solution to be managed and operated in-house, or Coloc8 – RF Code-as-a-Service, where RF Readers and Sensors deployed on your sites update your site maps and alerts in the Oper8 RF Code platform.


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Environmental Sensors

Small Wireless Sensors


Built on RF Code’s award-winning workplace Internet of Things (IoT) platform, CenterScape is designed specifically for the data center estate – a flexible framework of infrastructure and asset management tools that enables you to meet your data center design, management and operational challenges.

Readers and Middleware

RF Code readers receive the data generated by our asset tags and wire-free sensors. Our compact readers – about the same size as a typical WiFi router – are easily mountable in ceilings or on top of server racks. RF Code network-connected readers provide a long read range of 300 – 500sqm (3000 – 5000 square feet) in a typical data center environment, and are capable of processing and reporting data gathered from thousands of asset tags and sensor beacons simultaneously. RF Code readers deliver data via Ethernet or WiFi, and all models support Power over Ethernet, simplifying deployment and helping to reduce deployment costs associated with network and power infrastructure.

RF Code’s Zone Manager provides the crucial link between RF Code’s readers and CenterScape. Zone Manager gathers asset tag and sensor data from your RF Code readers, normalises it, assigns location data, and then delivers the data in a structured format, ready for use with RF Code’s data center management software.


Whether your goals are improved capacity planning, accurate asset life-cycle management, regulatory compliance or optimized power and cooling efficiency, you can’t manage what you don’t measure, and you can’t measure what you don’t monitor.

Dynamic, responsive, real-time data center management is only possible with a continuous flow of accurate asset location data. With RF Code’s wire-free instrumentation technology, you gain real-time visibility into the location of your IT assets and the environmental conditions that surround them.

RF Code’s Workplace IoT Platform instrumentation component consists of:

  • Wire-Free Asset Tags: RF Code asset tags provide the continuous asset location visibility that is critical to intelligent change and capacity management, optimal data center efficiency, and improved total cost of ownership (TCO).
  • Wire-free Sensors: RF Code’s affordable, easy to deploy wire-free environmental sensors provide the visibility and granularity you need to fine-tune the data center environment. From the facility level to the rack micro-environment, our sensor network delivers real-time data about the environment surrounding your data center assets, preventing downtime and ensuring data center efficiency. RF Code sensors accurately measure temperature, humidity, air pressure, fluid leaks, power usage, door open/access and more. Unlike traditional wired sensor solutions, RF Code’s wire-free sensors do not require additional power or networking infrastructure, simplifying the deployment process and reducing expenses.

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Coloc8 – RF Code as a Service

Oper8 can deliver the RF Code environmental and asset management solution as a fully managed platform, or ‘as a service’. Oper8 hosts the RF Code Asset Manager and Zone Manager system and configures RF Readers (for deployment at your site) to connect to our hosted RF Code system.

RF Readers can be configured to transmit your sensor data to Oper8’s Asset Manager over a fixed or wireless (3G/4G) internet connection. Using a web browser, you and your team can login to Oper8’s Asset Manager and view your dashboards, alerts, alarms and maps of your sites.


Automated alerting via SMS and Email can also be configured to notify you of thresholds (temperature and humidity), fluid leak detection, and door open alarms, along with any other wireless sensor trigger.

Contact Oper8 now discuss your options.