Oper8 drives customer value through NEXTDC’s colocation and connectivity solutions

New AXONVX options to speed up access to Oper8’s Elev8 cloud storage platform

9 August, 2016. Queensland-based IT services provider, Oper8, has selected NEXTDC’s national data centre network to expand our Coloc8 branded colocation services, and to provide customers with complete, end-to-end IT solutions and access to secure, high speed networking across Australia and New Zealand through the virtual connectivity services on AXONVX.

As a member of the NEXTDC Partner Program, Oper8 has also expanded our DCIM-as-Service solutions with ONEDC Advanced Management subscriptions. The ONEDC Advanced Management solution removes the need to deploy and manage a data centre asset management tool in-house. Combined with Oper8’s existing DCIM solutions including RFCode, Oper8’s customers have access to a range of data centre tools that can be right-sized and aligned to customer’s requirements.

data centre colocation services

Coloc8 data centre colocation services 

Expanding our colocation options with NEXTDC has enabled Oper8’s customers to host infrastructure in any of NEXTDC’s data centres under one nationally standardised contract and service level agreement. Through the NEXTDC partnership Oper8 has expanded its national Coloc8 data centre footprint to include Brisbane, Springfield, Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and Perth, with a range of bundled connectivity and internet options.

The enhanced Coloc8Communic8Elev8 combination delivers a complementary suite of services that supports customer storage solutions which can be hosted across Australia with an enviable range of connectivity options.

AXONVX provides our customers with higher speed connectivity to our Elev8 cloud storage platform, while supporting our colocation customers with AXONVX based point-to-point connectivity, including inter data centre communications.

The expanded capability through NEXTDC enables Oper8 to support customers in keeping their cloud or as-a-service storage solutions within Australia at globally competitive rates.

Oper8 is a NEXTDC Partner

Oper8 is a NEXTDC Service Provider Partner

Adam Scully, Group Executive – Sales and Marketing, NEXTDC, said, “The rising demand for quality cloud hosting services and ongoing drive for more storage makes it essential for service providers like Oper8 to access flexible technologies that deliver as-a-service models to customers.”

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