Corporate & Government

Oper8 works with Corporate, Enterprise, Local, State and Federal Government agencies who normally have over 50 staff.

Oper8 is a GITC contracted supplier to the Queensland State Government, with customers ranging from Queensland Health to NBN Co, and corporate customers including multinational organisations like Veolia and Hitachi Data Systems.

With Corporate and Government businesses focussing on core business, Oper8 can assist in the delivery and operations of IT services and investments including high volume storage solutions, fibre based connectivity solutions and data centre colocation and hosting.

Our partnering agreements present a range of solutions from Crossroads, Schneider, Microsoft, Polaris Data Centre and Equinix.

Core business focus is typically driving your executive team with continued pressure to consider hybrid cloud and colocation data centre options. Oper8 can help deliver business aligned, Australian hosted cloud storage and data centre solutions.

Does this sound like you?

When considering the range of cloud, communications, software and data centre solutions available:

  • You are looking for a long term solution and need the products and services to integrate with what you already have
  • Your current IT systems are starting to hold you back
  • You need an account manager with local Australian support
  • You prefer to deal with an Australian owned and operated company who maintains your data in Australia
  • You’re looking for an Australian hybrid cloud storage solution because it helps with offsite Disaster Recovery, meets your Privacy and Legal Jurisdiction concerns, but also enables you to keep some in-house systems due to the cost and complexity of moving existing infrastructure.

Oper8’s products and solutions are designed to enable IT systems business alignment that can be arranged to meet your financial, ownership, compliance and location requirements.