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Elev8 – CTERA Portal (Small Business)

Oper8 is a Certified Reseller Partner for CTERA in Australia.

While many small businesses have big IT requirements, bordering on enterprise-grade in some cases, you are constrained by tight budgets and a shortage of in-house IT personnel. When it comes to storage and data protection, you can face an impossible choice between overpriced enterprise solutions and cheap but inadequate consumer-level solutions.

CTERA’s innovative cloud-integrated solution provides local NAS, backup agents for servers, desktops and laptops, remote cloud backup, file synchronization and mobile collaboration, all in a single tightly integrated product, delivered at a fraction of the cost of traditional disparate solutions.

All in One Solution Combines backup, NAS, cloud sync and mobile collaboration in a single solution at significantly lower cost than equivalent separate solutions.
Local & Cloud Backup Back up your servers, desktops and laptops both locally and to the cloud, get fast local recovery with off-site redundancy in case of a local disaster.
Easy to Use and Manage Access your CTERA appliance and cloud files anywhere using a web browser. Restore backups, view and share files, even from your mobile device.


Benefit from the Cloud, but keep it local

CTERA combines hardware (CloudNAS) appliances, small footprint software agents and cloud storage services to deliver a seamless user experience that feels local but delivers the flexibility, file sharing and off-site disaster recovery capabilities of the cloud. Using advanced de-duplication and compression technologies, CTERA ensures speedy data transfer to and from the cloud.  Oper8’s Cloud Storage supports CTERA customers.

With CTERA you can:

  • Store, back up and share files locally using NAS protocols (CIFS, NFS, AFP)
  • Back up and restore files and full disk images on servers, desktops and laptops (Windows, Linux and Mac)
  • Back up and restore your Microsoft Exchange, including single-mailbox recovery
  • Back up and sync files to the cloud, maintaining multiple snapshots
  • Share files in the cloud and on your mobile device (iPhone, iPad, Android)

CTERA can replace:

  • NAS appliances, file servers, tape drives
  • Backup software for servers, desktops, and laptops
  • Online backup services
  • Off-site tape vaulting services
  • Cloud-based folder synchronization and mobile file access services


CTERA hardware (CloudNAS) appliances are available in four variants:

  • CloudNAS-200 (C200): 2 x 4TB (RAID-1); dual 1GbE ports
  • CloudNAS-400 (C400): 4 x 4TB (RAID-5); dual 1GbE ports
  • CloudNAS-800 (C800): 8 x 4TB (RAID-5); dual 1GbE ports
  • CloudNAS-800Plus (C800-P): 8 x 4TB (RAID-5); dual 1GbE ports; expanded user capacity

CTERA Portal runs under VMware, and requires the following capabilities, performance and network capabilities:

  • Local disk storage delivering at least 1,000 IOPS
  • VMware ESXi v5.5 and above
  • Network Load Balancer (if multiple Virtual Portals to be used)
  • VM Backup for database protection

Annual software support and maintenance fees also apply.

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A range of options are available:

  • File Sync and Share Licenses
  • Workstation Backup Licenses
  • Server Backup Licenses
  • Oper8 Hosted CTERA Portal
  • Oper8 Cloud Storage capacity
  • Oper8 Installation Services
  • Consider using Oper8 CloudBox