Delivering business, corporate and enterprise data connectivity solutions that align your IT and Data Centre Strategies with your business needs.

Oper8 can deliver broadband internet services from 5Mbps to 1Gbps in regions and data centres* enabled by our carrier and service provider partners.

Our Broadband Plans are designed around Flat-Rate ‘all you can eat’ connections to the Internet, and are priced on port speed.
Other pricing options are available, so please outline your requirements when you Contact Us.

Coloc8 customers in Queensland can also take advantage of our carrier redundant internet connectivity solutions.

* Please note: some data centres may apply cross-connect fees which are additional costs and are passed onto the customer

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Oper8 drives customer value with NEXTDC

Oper8 drives customer value with NEXTDC

As a member of the NEXTDC Partner Program, Oper8 has also expanded our DCIM-as-Service solutions with ONEDC Advanced Management subscriptions. The ONEDC Advanced Management solution removes the need to deploy and manage a data centre asset management tool in-house. Combined with Oper8’s existing DCIM solutions including RFCode, Oper8’s customers have access to a range of data centre tools that can be right-sized and aligned to customer’s requirements.

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Complement your Hybrid IT Solution

Monitoring & Management

Enable real-time visibility of your remote data centre systems and Infrastructure

  • Accurate Real-Time Operational Data
  • Increased Operational Efficiency
  • Remote Management of Edge Environments

Data Protection

Protecting your critical data through encryption, hybrid storage and backup, and network security

  • Protect your business from data breaches
  • Improve Data-at-rest Security
  • Meet compliance & legal obligations

Data and Voice Services

Connecting your staff and business processes to your secure data and customers

  • Simplify Business Communications
  • Collaborate across multiple devices
  • Reduce capital investment in technology

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