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With corporate and business data the lifeblood of every organisation, Oper8’s eSecurity solutions helps protect your critical systems and data with best in class security systems and encryption technologies.

Data is hosted and maintained in Australian Storage Platforms and Oper8 ensures Australian Privacy Act and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliancy.

Encryption as a Service (EaaS)

Vormetric delivers high performance data-at-rest security to encrypt everything, everywhere. Built on an extensible infrastructure, the data security and encryption products can be deployed individually, while offering efficient, centralised management.

Cloud Encryption Gateway

Attacks on data (at rest) can range from ransomware to database theft on a massive scale. And regardless of your compliance or previous security investment, if you do not protect the data itself you are open to wide-ranging attacks. And when compromised, the cost to business can range from tens of thousands of dollars to catastrophic business failure and executive job losses.

Tokenisation with Data Masking

By protecting the data itself, through access controls and encryption, you can mitigate these new threats. Defining who, what, where and when data can be accessed and securing it with encryption will significantly reduce the attack surface available to hostile agents.

Transparent Encryption Key Management

The Vormetric platform delivers high performance data encryption for all environments: physical, virtual and cloud. It allows granular security controls to be applied to map business rules to data access controls and then reports to security administrators when these rules are under attack by hostile users or systems.

Cloud SAAS Security

As a service allows smaller organisations to access high performance technology and specialist skills without significant capital investment. Vormetric recognised the benefit of this approach and have partnered with Oper8 to offer Encryption as a Service (EaaS) under the Elev8 range of products and services.

Big Data, Teradata Security

For clients who need to protect data on a few servers or even a single database, the shared EaaS is quick and very affordable. Vormetric encryption is applied locally to the relevant servers with key management and data access policies applied from a hosted Vormetric Data Security Manager.Security management can be performed by the client remotely or by Oper8 under a Vormetric EaaS service option.

What People Say…

Public Private Partnerships are complex in their nature, we are accountable for complex data sets, how and where we store data is crucial as are the partners we deal with – collaboration is essential to ensure trusted and trusting relationships

Oper8-NEXTDC ARIA Roundtable event 2018

Understanding how to pose the problem statement will enable a far more productive relationship with your data. Where your data resides is now a conscious decision that should not be taken lightly

Oper8-NEXTDC Aria Roundtable event 2018

Complement your Hybrid IT Solution

Monitoring & Management

Enable real-time visibility of your remote data centre systems and Infrastructure

  • Accurate Real-Time Operational Data
  • Increased Operational Efficiency
  • Remote Management of Edge Environments

Data Protection

Protecting your critical data through encryption, hybrid storage and backup, and network security

  • Protect your business from data breaches
  • Improve Data-at-rest Security
  • Meet compliance & legal obligations

Data and Voice Services

Connecting your staff and business processes to your secure data and customers

  • Simplify Business Communications
  • Collaborate across multiple devices
  • Reduce capital investment in technology

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