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Use StrongLINK to take advantage of the storage you already own while enabling migration to your future storage architecture – all while keeping track of your files with robust search features.

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StrongLINK Data & Storage Management


A software based data and storage management solution, StrongLINK addresses long-standing obstacles to data storage cost containment, risk reduction and productivity optimisation.

StrongLINK provides a robust search for all your data, whether on local stores or network stores connected by NFS, SMB, FTP or other network file system protocols as well as W3C standard- and de facto proprietary (S3) protocols that are enjoying ever-widening adoption.

StrongLink Features

Data Management made Simple

StrongLINK is middleware, a platform- and workload agnostic software component that does the heavy lifting of data discovery, classification based on metadata, migration, protection and retention per user-defined policy.

Automatic Data Positioning

StrongLINK positions data across heterogeneous storage infrastructure based on user rules associated with file/object metadata.

Optimise your Storage and your Budget

StrongLINK provides intelligent and automated migration of data between different storage types or tiers based data re-reference, freeing up expensive low capacity/high performance storage for active data while placing archival data on more capacious, less expensive infrastructure – including capacity disk or your StrongBox solution.

Easy to Deploy, Even Easier to Use

StrongLINK is delivered as a virtual machine or as an appliance to facilitate rapid deployment. Once installed, StrongLINK discovers both file and object based data automatically. Migration policies can be associated either with specific data types or metadata characteristics, or mapped to specific workflows with known data management requirements.

Future Proof Your Storage…

StrongLINK lets you use the storage you already own and supports all new storage topologies and technologies that you may adopt in the future. Both legacy and converged/hyper-converged storage assets are supported and can be included in a StrongLINK deployment.

…and Keep Your Data Safe at All Times

StrongLINK itself can be deployed in a redundant configuration to eliminate the “single point of failure” issues that confront “global namespace gateways” in the market today. Plus, StrongLINK delivers automated data protection as well as replication that is policy driven. Your data is safe with StrongLINK.

No Rip and Replace: Keep using What You Know

StrongLINK delivers a virtual storage architecture that does not require ripping and replacing current investments in technology or kit. It simplifies the management of both data and storage at a protocol layer and avoids the single point of failure or hardware lock-in.

Bottom Line

StrongLINK is a much-needed solution to the problem of coping with terabytes to zettabytes of data growth rates in large firms and cloud service provider environments and a sensible and smart solution for data management, regulatory compliance, and information wrangling requirements of any data intensive business.

Our Premium Partner's

Equinix believe in the power of interconnection. The rise of digital business is inspiring innovative commerce and collaboration models and whole new ways of competing. Interconnection makes it all happen. It puts everything within reach.

RF Code's unique combination of powerful software, intelligent infrastructure and internet-connected, wire-free sensors reduces operational costs and protects your data center investments. RF Code solutions deliver continuous location visibility throughout an asset’s entire lifecycle while accurately monitoring temperature, humidity and other environmental factors that can damage assets or lead to costly downtime.

At Hewlett Packard Enterprise, quality is everyone’s responsibility and it’s accelerating time to value. We are committed to continually improving and meeting requirements by embedding quality in everything we do. We earn customers’ trust by delivering exceptional experiences through partnering, innovation and a bias for action.”

Socomec offer services to a wide range of industries, from the micro business to the enterprise level. Each have a different way that they want to engage with us and a different level of IT services and expertise. This is why Socomec come up with our unique blend of services, products and solutions.

NEXTDC is an ASX200-listed technology company enabling business transformation through innovative data centre outsourcing solutions, connectivity services and infrastructure management software.

Our quality products are designed with continual innovation in order to achieve greater performance, just as our people always aim to go a step further in their service to keep you up and running.

Polaris is widely regarded as Australia’s leading, most modern, highly secure, purpose built and designed to Tier 3+ standards data centre. The facility is unique in delivering an N+2, high availability solution that is reinforced with a Service Level Agreement (SLA) assuring a class leading 99.99% availability. The Tier 3+ rating demonstrates a concurrently maintainable, high security, high availability (N+2) facility that is successfully meeting the requirements of our tenants.

Thales eSecurity is a leader in advanced data security solutions and services, delivering trust wherever information is created, shared or stored. We ensure that company and government data is secure and trusted in any environment – on premise, in the cloud, in data centres and in big data environments.

Featured Project

Oper8 can help you deliver your core business through utilising our Industry knowledge, extensive IT experience and Premium Partners. These projects showcase how IT is a business tool that should be aligned to help deliver your core business – whether medical, construction, mining, communications, government or other.

AIHW Case Study

Client Background

AIHW is an Australian federal government agency which collects and holds valuable data on many health and welfare issues and topics, widely used by government, researchers, policymakers and the community for the betterment of all Australians.

Key Objectives

It was crucial to AIHW that the Nano Data Centre be installed at their new premises prior to construction completion, plus enable future relocation of the system without extensive build costs. The Nano Data Centre allows AIHW to relocate IT and data to new premises when needed, all with minimal interruption to business and staff. 

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"Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse cillum dolore.  When an unknown printer took a galley of type and scrambled it to make a type specimen book."

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