Elev8 – Storage Solutions

The Elev8 Advantage

Oper8’s storage solutions help Elev8 your data to the cloud.

Oper8 locates, maintains and operates its own Cloud Storage platforms in our Australian Data Centres. The location of your CloudBox, backup and archive data remains in Australia, while only Oper8’s Australian team manages our storage platforms.

With our innovative EdgeNAS cache, CloudNAS and StrongBox appliances, you can take advantage of local backup speeds while the appliance in turn backs up your data to Oper8’s Cloud Storage.

Oper8’s data and storage solutions also encompasses Oper8’s Encryption as a Service, enabled by Vormetric. The Vormetric Encryption solution can be transparently deployed on your existing systems and infrastructure to enable high level security and data encryption at rest.

We enable businesses across metro and non-metro regions as well as the South Pacific to backup your data to our Cloud Storage platforms. Combining our Accelr8 services with an Elev8 storage solution delivers data replication performance and cloud storage capacity at an affordable price.

Should you wish to own your own Elev8 platform, for example a dedicated StrongBox solution, Oper8 can host your storage systems in our secure data centres (Coloc8 services), or support your on-premise solution.