The network attached storage (NAS) device for your office that includes the option to automatically backup to Oper8’s CloudBox service (hosted in Australia).

The CloudNAS-200 is a small form factor storage appliance that meets the needs of small businesses who require a local backup device in the office that can also be backed up to our secure Australian Data Centres*.

CloudNAS-200 devices also provide great storage solutions for larger organisations needing local file storage, data sharing and backup targets for remote office locations.

The NAS features of the appliance enable data sharing between multiple computers in your office, while also acting as a backup target on your network.

This definitely beats manual backups of your critical business data to an external hard drive, then taking it home.

CloudNAS-200 by Oper8

CloudNAS-200 by Oper8


The CloudNAS-200 can take two hard disks for capacity and resilience purposes.


With a RAID-1 setup, the disks are treated as a single unit, with data synchronised between both of them.

The CloudNAS-200 features:

  • Up to 2 x 4TB internal hard drives
  • Capacity up to 3.6TB when configured as RAID-1 (meaning your data is always written to both disks in case one fails)
  • Local user account management to protect access to data
  • Automatic file delete protection through Snapshots (requires configuration)


  • Multiple Network Shares with separate user access permissions


  • Support for Windows (versions 7/8/10) and MAC machines
  • A local Web Management Interface on the appliance

When combining CloudNAS-200 devices in your office with Oper8’s CloudBox Service, secure, remote web-enabled access to your CloudNAS-200 can be facilitated through the online Oper8 CloudBox Portal.

If your data requirements are larger than 3TB, please contact to discuss CloudNAS-400 (nominally up to 10TB) and CloudNAS-800 (up to 30TB) solutions.

See Also:

* Automatic CloudNAS-200 backups to Oper8’s Data Centres require a valid Oper8 CloudBox account.