STULZ Australia Announces New Partnership with Australian Service Provider Oper8

Sydney, Australia – 5 May, 2017: STULZ Australia, a wholly owned subsidiary of STULZ GmbH, today announced the appointment of Oper8 Pty Ltd as the exclusive distribution partner in Australia and the Pacific Islands for its new range of STULZ Micro Data Centre (MDC) solutions.

Marketed as STULZ MDC Enabled by Oper8, the data centre in a rack solution provides organisations with a data centre as a service (DC-a-a-S) offering, combining STULZ world-class mission critical cooling and best practices in MDC design for the High Performance Computing Cloud with Oper8’s cloud, communications and managed services.

The STULZ MDC is an all-in-one solution that incorporates the rack, cable management, cooling, UPS, power, environmental monitoring and fire suppression into one unit. The solutions are available in rack configurations from one to six racks, as well as bespoke options including High Performance Compute (HPC) systems.

Oper8 MicroDC

STULZ Enabled by Oper8 MicroDC Solutions range from one to six racks with redundant cooling and HPC options available

The agreement with Oper8 marks STULZ Australia’s first formal channel partnership in the region, and reflects the intent of both companies to align micro data centre solutions with distributed technology and communications solutions.

The announcement also comes amidst a flurry of activity in this developing market, where organisations increasingly require local compute and storage capacity at ‘the edge’ where the users are located.

While the partnership combines the capabilities and existing solution options from each company to enable a one-stop-shop, STULZ MDC Enabled by Oper8 is vendor and carrier / ISP agnostic, and architected to align with customer’s requirements and existing vendor relationships.

A focus on delivering application, network and data outcomes for organisations allows a flexible engagement model, including STULZ MDC Enabled by Oper8 as a service. At the same time, with a wide range of configuration options, STULZ MDC
Enabled by Oper8 can support any workload or remote environment.

John Jakovcevic, Managing Director of STULZ Australia, said partnering with Oper8 was an easy decision because of their market knowledge, experience in IT, and overall complementary skills.

“We also wanted to work with an organisation that understood service delivery and possessed deep knowledge of the Infrastructure and the ICT sector. We look forward to building a mutually successful business with STULZ MDC Enabled by

For Mike Andrea, Managing Director of Oper8, the agreement with STULZ Australia closes out a two-year research project, which sets the industry standard for MDCs.

“Oper8 is proud to partner with STULZ in this exciting new area of growth across the data centre industry. This is the right product at the right time in an industry seeking local innovation; as-a-service models with compute and storage capacity in their own dedicated micro data centres. We are also pleased to launch a dedicated MicroDC website that showcases our options and solutions at

“STULZ is renowned for their quality, performance and attention to detail, and I am delighted to launch STULZ MDC Enabled by Oper8 and how we can align right-sized solutions for your business,” said Mr. Andrea.


STULZ Australia is the technology leader, providing resilient and energy efficient cooling solutions and services for mission critical applications in order to support lives, critical data, our economy and our future. The recently announced acquisition
of TSI provides Stulz with access to over 20 years of industry knowledge and experience in the manufacture of high quality modular data centre solutions.

About Oper8

Oper8 Pty Ltd, headquartered in Queensland, is a specialist IT and Cloud Services Provider delivering scalable solutions that enable Australian businesses to scale their operations. Oper8’s product suite includes data storage, data centre, IT management, and connectivity solutions. These products and services are offered as managed services, or cloud solutions enabling clients to reduce capital expenses while achieving the best business outcomes from their IT investment.

For more information, please contact:

Nick Lovell, Sales Director, Oper8
Office: 1300 516 288