Have you ever been frustrated with the process of backing up business data located on your Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices?  Not only do you need to consider what software licenses are required, but also what storage you are backing up to.  The costs associated with enabling and managing NAS backups can be expensive when considering the entire solution mix.

With the Elev8 range of storage solutions available from Oper8, cost effective software free NAS backup solutions can be enabled using Oper8 CloudBox, CTERA and StrongBox solutions.

CloudBox and CTERA

With Oper8 CloudBox and CTERA solutions you can enable an on-premise CloudNAS appliance which can be configured to:

  • automatically sync data from network shares (on your existing NAS appliances) to the CloudNAS as a separate copy (which in turn can be backed up offsite to the Oper8 CloudBox storage service)
  • optionally replace your existing NAS devices and enable automatic cloud backup to your Oper8 CloudBox account, or your own on-premise CTERA Portal installation.

Oper8 CloudBox solutions don’t require any additional software licenses to backup your NAS data.  CloudNAS appliances from 3TB to 30TB are available.


StrongBox solutions deliver a hybrid NAS solution (using a blended storage medium) where the StrongBox system can replace your existing NAS. A local StrongBox system can deliver NFS, CIFS and S3 network shares, while delivering NAS functionality to local users and systems.  However, when combined with either an integrated local LTFS Tape Library or an off-site StrongBox library (using StrongBox Replication) fully automated backup and archive of NAS data can be enabled.

StrongBox solutions can also support:

  • Remote office NAS functionality using StrongBox VM Edition – which can be replicated to your own centralised (private cloud) StrongBox library
  • On-Premise and Remote Site NAS backup and archive replication
  • Automatic archiving of old data from your NAS disk storage to tape (with automatic retrieval)
  • Scalability from 20TB to 100PB

Other Backup Options

Other great features of both the CloudBox and StrongBox solutions is that both systems can act as backup targets for your local workstations, laptops, and server backups*.  CloudNAS appliances include a number of Workstation backup agent licenses to get you started.

* Backup Software or Software Agents may be required.