Some Computer Maintenance Tips from Oper8

Mike at Oper8 | October 06 2015 Comments 0

Ensuring your computer/ laptop runs in peak performance requires regular maintenance.
If you want your computer to consistently run fast, efficiently, and last, then you should be doing everything you need to so that you don’t run into software crashes and mechanical problems that require expensive computer repair – or lead to data loss.

Some computers need more maintenance than others, because they are more prone to viruses. Yet, any computer can run slower and even crash if you don’t clean up the hard drive and keep the operating system up to date with patch updates.

Here are some helpful computer maintenance tips:

  • always have an anti-virus system installed with auto updates (for virus signatures) enabled
  • backup – backup – backup… your data is your business !  Consider Oper8 CloudBox rather than simply relying on external hard drives (which can fail)
  • Email is handy for keeping years of business history – but large email storage files can create risk (imagine if you lost the whole lot).  Consider regular archiving your old data out of your email to keep your system optimised and reduce your risk of loss or corruption.
Mike at Oper8 | October 06 2015