Locate your Data Centre Anywhere with a Micro Data Centre

What is an Oper8 Micro Data Centre (MDC)?

Oper8’s Micro Data Centre is a standalone enclosure that houses your IT infrastructure and provides you with the freedom to locate your data and IT infrastructure where-ever you need it.

It is streamlined, attractive and has high security, enabling you to showcase your investment in high pedestrian traffic areas (why not get it with your business logo or advertising) yet so practical, that, if you are limited for space, can be tucked away in any location because it doesn’t require dedicated cooling, raised floors or fire detection and suppression as it is already within the enclosure.
Flexibility is key with a Micro Data Centre, it is modular and can expand as the need arises, move premises with you, removing the need to build a new computer room and delivers the functionality and systems typical of metro and cloud data centres where you need it most – locally. It is even available as an outdoor model (IP66 rated).

Most importantly, it provides a right-sized solution to your data and IT infrastructure needs.

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Micro Data Centre Features

Technical Specifications 101

**due to the adaptability of the Oper8 Micro Data Centre it is recommended that you use the following Technical Specifications as a guideline. Oper8 can design a solution to suit your specific requirements


40RU, 42RU, 45RU

600mm or 800mm wide

1200mm or 1450mm deep

19” standard rack mounts (other sizes available on request)

Fire Detection and Suppression

Rack mounted fire detection and suppression

Novec 1230 inert gas extinguishant

Remote Monitoring

Infrastructure including power, cooling and fire systems

Environmental (temperature, humidity, doors, leak detection)

Cooling Options

Single Air-cooled (DX)

Dual Air-cooled (DX)

High Availability (3 – 6 integrated cooling units)

Cooling Capacity

5kW, 10kW, 15kW, 20kW per unit

Up to 80kW HPC per rack (chip-to-atmosphere cooling)

Chilled water and condensed water options available on request

Power Systems

Internal rack mounted UPS systems from 2kW to 75kW each

Internal UPS output distribution boards

Internal ZeroU Power Distribution Units (PDUs) per rack

Single phase and 3 phase options

Rack mounted STS or ATS options for single corded devices

Optional diesel generator and ATS solutions


Keyed or electronic door locks

Fully sealed enclosure (with option for solid doors)


Scalability onsite and ability for meshed deployments across campus or office locations to increase scale and site resilience

Resilience Options

Both integrated power and cooling systems can optionally be deployed as single units or redundant (N+1) solutions


Choice of Indoor or outdoor (weatherproof IP66) enclosures available

Roxtec weatherproof penetration seals


Internal LED lighting


White (recommended) / Black

Alternative powder coating options available on request

Custom artwork and branding available on request


Annual / Biannual (recommended)

Includes Oper8 Remote Management Services

What People Say…

Oper8’s ability to supply a complete solution, including UPS, Cooling, remote monitoring and Fire Detection and Suppression while assisting in the design and supply of additional IT infrastructure was a true value-add to AIHW.

Australian Institute of Health and Welfare

Edge Data Centres – or MicroDC’s are well placed to crunch massive amounts of data being generated by sensors, surveillance cameras, smartphones, production equipment, and self-driving cars in locations where you need storage and compute capacity – not just in capital cities.

Mike Andrea

Complement your Hybrid IT Solution

Monitoring & Management

Enable real-time visibility of your remote data centre systems and Infrastructure

  • Accurate Real-Time Operational Data
  • Increased Operational Efficiency
  • Remote Management of Edge Environments

Data Protection

Protecting your critical data through encryption, hybrid storage and backup, and network security

  • Protect your business from data breaches
  • Improve Data-at-rest Security
  • Meet compliance & legal obligations

Data and Voice Services

Connecting your staff and business processes to your secure data and customers

  • Simplify Business Communications
  • Collaborate across multiple devices
  • Reduce capital investment in technology

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Modius Partners with Oper8

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MicroDC Solutions Launched

“Oper8 is proud to partner with STULZ in this exciting new area of growth across the data centre industry. This is the right product at the right time in an industry seeking local innovation; as-a-service models with compute and storage capacity in their own dedicated micro data centres. We are also pleased to launch a dedicated MicroDC website that showcases our options and solutions at www.microdc.com.au.

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Oper8 drives customer value with NEXTDC

As a member of the NEXTDC Partner Program, Oper8 has also expanded our DCIM-as-Service solutions with ONEDC Advanced Management subscriptions. The ONEDC Advanced Management solution removes the need to deploy and manage a data centre asset management tool in-house. Combined with Oper8’s existing DCIM solutions including RFCode, Oper8’s customers have access to a range of data centre tools that can be right-sized and aligned to customer’s requirements.

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