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We work from the very small SOHO to SMB, to the very large Enterprise clients. You all have a need for a reliable, local IT service company that does business in the best way for each of you. Sometimes this means only focusing on solving the problem you have today with a quick self service model, other times it means having a strategic approach and assisting you  with a dedicated account manager to manage your IT for a longer time span. What-ever your need, we are flexible and are focused on delivering the sort of IT services that enable your business to grow.

Learn more on our News / PR page about Oper8 exciting new partnerships including Silver Peak a software company that accelerates data  mobility between data centres, branch offices and the cloud.


Hear what our clients say:

Senior Project Manager – Data Centres

I just wanted to record my appreciation for a difficult job, well done.
We do not use the Remote hands facility at Polaris that often, but in this instance, with Gabriel’s (almost instant) response and Steve’s tenacious attention to detail, you have resolved a potentially (expensive and) protracted problem quickly and my guys this end were very happy with the process and the resolution.
Many thanks.


Senior Admin, AGI

Thank you again for the exceptional service we experienced from you both.

For some time we had been using a Cloud based storage system, the benefits of using this and the efficiencies gained certainly have helpedimprove our business processes across our two office locations.

Given that we are a financial services company, knowing where your client’s data is actually stored is compulsory.

In terms of support, our old provider offered technical help from OS and whilst our data was stored in Australia according to our required privacy requirements, the technical help for this provider, comes from off shore. We found this to be very frustrating and did not provide us with the solutions to the issues that we were having at the time. Getting responses back, took too long.

We recently changed to Oper8 and glad we have done so. They have the required resources and backup in Australia to help you on a local level. They use a secure and proven Microsoft platform, and meet the security requirements we require in terms of data privacy. They certainly made the transition easy and follow up to make sure that the job is done.

Any request for help is followed up in a timely fashion. Since the move, we have been extremely satisfied and would highly recommend the services of Oper8 to anyone that requires both upfront and ongoing support for any of their data storage needs.

We believe that our staff’s opinion is as important as the clients if we are to be a successful company.