Oper8’s range of products can support all business sizes from Micro Business (less than 4 staff), Small to Medium Business (5 to 50 staff), to Corporate, Government and Not-for-Profit organisations.

Contact us to help right size one of our products to meet your needs, and find out more about

  • Coloc8 – Data Centre Products
  • Elev8 – Storage Solutions
  • Acceler8 – Network Acceleration Solutions
  • Licensing – for select Microsoft, SilverPeak, VEEAM and ContentKeeper solutions

Coloc8 – Data Centre Products

Oper8’s Data Centre Products are grouped under our Coloc8 range, and cover

  • DCIM Solutions from Schneider Electric (StruxureWare) and RFCode
  • Wireless Monitoring solutions from RFCode
  • Internet Content Filtering from ContentKeeper
  • IT Hardware including Servers, Workstations and Laptops
  • Data Centre Cabling options for Coloc8 customers

* DCIM = Data Centre Infrastructure Management

Elev8 – Storage Solutions

Oper8’s private, hybrid and cloud Storage Services are grouped under our Elev8 range, and cover

  • CTERA File Sync and Share solution can be purchased as a direct self managed solution on your hardware in your data centre, or optionally hosted through a Coloc8 service
    • Alternatively, buy your own CTERA Cloud (NAS) Appliance and connect or back it up to Oper8’s CloudBox service
  • Hybrid NAS solutions using StrongBox appliances from Crossroads, with capacity ranging from terabytes to petabytes with optional replication between two StrongBox systems
    • Great options are available where you can buy your own StrongBox system (VM or hardware appliance) and replicate to Oper8’s Strongbox based Archive-as-a-Service
    • Oper8 can also supply integrated Tape Libraries or Add-on Disk Arrays for capacity expansion

Elev8 your offsite media, backups and archives by integrating with the Australian hosted Oper8 Cloud Storage now.

Acceler8 – Network Acceleration Solutions

Oper8’s network optimisation and acceleration products are grouped under our Acceler8 range, and covers

  • Silver Peak licenses for WAN Optimisation and Replication Acceleration using VX and VRX Virtual Appliances
  • StrongBox Replication license which enables two or more StrongBox appliances to replicate data between them

Licensing – Software Solutions

Oper8’s Partnering Agreements with Microsoft, Silver-Peak, VEEAM and ContentKeeper enables us to supply

  • Microsoft Server, SQL Server, Sharepoint, Exchange and Dynamics
  • Microsoft Office, Visio, Project and Visual Studio
  • ContentKeeper solutions
  • Silver-Peak licenses (VX and VRX Virtual Appliances)
  • VEEAM Licenses

Oper8 can also manage your Service Assurance and software maintenance renewals.