Security Solutions

Enabling Secure Operations for your Business

Oper8 Security Solutions

Oper8’s security solutions are based on Oper8’s core services delivered through Elev8, Communic8 and Coloc8, covering storage and data, communications and data centre solutions.

Data security threats and related incidents, such as breaches, can be harmful to any organisation. Private and confidential information is sought after for profit, business advantage, malicious use, and both industrial and government espionage. Data breaches can negatively impact organisations in a variety of ways including increased costs, loss of brand reputation and revenue, inability to conduct business, and/or loss of ‘secrets’.

Oper8 enables our clients to maintain the highest levels of data, logical and physical security throughout their business, whether government, finance, education, health or corporate.

Data Security

Featuring the Vormetric powered Elev8 Encryption as a Service (EaaS), Oper8 provides the ability to protect both structured and unstructured data stores that can include database and file server files, documents, image scans, voice, and logs across a heterogeneous IT infrastructure (including cloud based storage).

To gain maximum benefit from their encryption programs, security-conscious enterprises are leveraging intelligent encryption that uses access controls to ensure data is only decrypted for authorised requests.

Vormetric Encryption, part of the Vormetric Data Security portfolio of products, is a comprehensive solution for key management, encryption, and access control for data at rest across distributed systems – all of which can be managed from a centralised data security console.

Elev8 Cloud Storage
Oper8’s Australian owned and hosted cloud storage platform is encrypted at rest, and meets DoD security requirements. Additional security can be enabled using our Accelr8 products to encrypt and secure the data connections between customer sites and Oper8’s Cloud Storage.

CCTV Backup
Oper8 provides high security off-site backup of your security systems including CCTV footage, and security access logs, with block level backup and de-duplication delivered through Oper8’s Cloud Storage and Edge-NAS Cache solutions.

Logical Security

Oper8 CloudBox – Backup and Off-Site Archiving
Taking advantage of Oper8’s CloudBox solution for file, sync, share and backup can protect your organisation from data loss, corruption and cyber-security threats.  Existing customers have already taken advantage of the distributed backup and recovery solution following security incidents.

Archive as a Service
Featuring WAN optimised data replication through the StrongBox solution, organisations can centralise remote branch data backup and archives. Oper8 can host a dedicated StrongBox solution for your business in our secure data centres with StrongBox VM Edition solutions at corporate sites and your own data centres.

Secure WAN Optimisation
Using our Accelr8 solution

Network, Virus and Spam
Delivering firewall, VPN, Antivirus and Antispam solutions with specialist security partners enables Oper8 to align the right network, antivirus and antispam solution for your business. Key partners including Fortinet and Content Keeper deliver innovative, high security solutions.

Physical Security

Oper8’s data centres present the highest levels of physical security to ensure your infrastructure (and the data it contains remains safe). Our data centres feature:

  • 24×7 manned security
  • CCTV surveillance with digital recording
  • man-traps
  • locked rages, and where used, separately locked cages
  • personnel entry logging and in most cases pre-notification for site access.