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Encryption as a Service (EaaS)

Oper8 provides the ability to protect both structured and unstructured data stores that can include database and file server files, documents, image scans, voice, and logs across a heterogeneous IT infrastructure (including cloud based storage).

To gain maximum benefit from encryption programs, security-conscious enterprises are leveraging intelligent encryption that uses access controls to ensure data is only decrypted for authorised requests.

Vormetric Encryption, part of the Vormetric Data Security portfolio of products, is a comprehensive solution for key management, encryption, and access control for data at rest across distributed systems – all of which can be managed from a centralised data security console.

Oper8 is a Vormetric Cloud Partner authorised to deliver Vormetric Encryption as a Service to client organisations.

 Encryption as a Service

Oper8 is a Vormetric Cloud Partner

Oper8 is a Vormetric Cloud Partner

In order to protect private and confidential information, security teams are increasingly using encryption to significantly improve their defense-in-depth controls around an organisation’s data assets and to comply with regulations such as the Australian Privacy Act, PCI DSS, HITECH Act, UK Data Protection Act, South Korea’s Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA), and more.

 Vormetric - Oper8 Cloud Partner
Vormetric delivers high performance data-at-rest security to encrypt everything, everywhere. Built on an extensible infrastructure, the data security and encryption products can be deployed individually, while offering efficient, centralised management.

These products deliver capabilities for transparent file-level encryption, application encryption, data tokenisation, cloud encryption, key management, and security intelligence logging.

 encryption-gatewayCloud Encryption

The Risk

The threats to your organisation’s data and intellectual property have never been greater. If you retain sensitive commercial, personal or financial information, it is a matter of when not if, your legacy network centric security will be compromised.

Attacks on data (at rest) can range from ransomware to database theft on a massive scale. And regardless of your compliance or previous security investment, if you do not protect the data itself you are open to wide-ranging attacks. And when compromised, the cost to business can range from tens of thousands of dollars to catastrophic business failure and executive job losses.

Whether you are an iconic brand like Myer and Sony, a Government entity, or just a small corporation operating locally, the risks posed remain the same.


Tokenisation with Data Masking

Protect the Data

By protecting the data itself, through access controls and encryption, you can mitigate these new threats. Defining who, what, where and when data can be accessed and securing it with encryption will significantly reduce the attack surface available to hostile agents.

Once this data protection is in place, responding to attacks to remove the threat is critical.

This requires the data security system deliver detailed reporting to flag when and how data is being attacked and the skills/tools to isolate and remove the threat.

 key-managementTransparent Encryption Key Management

Enterprise Solution

The data protection characteristics outlined above are available in enterprise solutions enabled by Vormetric.

The Vormetric platform delivers high performance data encryption for all environments: physical, virtual and cloud. It allows granular security controls to be applied to map business rules to data access controls and then reports to security administrators when these rules are under attack by hostile users or systems.

The investment required to establish a comprehensive data security framework that incorporate data encryption can be considerable. It requires both capital and intellectual investment that may be beyond the capacity of smaller organisations.

 cloud-saas-securityCloud SAAS Security

Encryption as a Service

(the affordable alternative)

As a service allows smaller organisations to access high performance technology and specialist skills without significant capital investment.

Vormetric recognised the benefit of this approach and have partnered with Oper8 to offer Encryption as a Service (EaaS) under the Elev8 range of products and services.

EaaS delivers the benefits of the Vormetric enterprise solution, as used by the likes of Walmart, Toll and Macquarie Bank, with a nominal installation fee and an affordable monthly subscription.


Big Data, Teradata Security

Deployment Models

Shared Service
For clients who need to protect data on a few servers or even a single database, the shared EaaS is quick and very affordable.

Vormetric encryption is applied locally to the relevant servers with key management and data access policies applied from a hosted Vormetric Data Security Manager.Security management can be performed by the client remotely or by Oper8 under a Vormetric EaaS service option.

Dedicated Service
For clients who want the benefit of a monthly service fee but with their own secure Vormetric platform, the dedicated EaaS solution is the optimum choice.

The advantage of the dedicated solution is the client can segment their encryption and business rules into multiple security domains e.g. Finance, Marketing, Big Data etc.

The client can still leverage Oper8’s skills as the Vormetric EaaS Partner to respond to threats or to help customise the Vormetric platform to their needs.

 Select Oper8 Encryption as a Service

Infographic: Select the Right Encryption

Business Benefits

The business benefits of applying EaaS to an organisation are identical to those achieved if building a normal Vormetric Data Security Platform. It can help any sized organisation meet:

  • Compliance requirements such as PCI DSS etc.
  • Legal obligations for business contracts
  • Privacy commitments to customers & consumers
  • Executive mandates to improve cybersecurity
  • Fast deployment and implementation of an encryption solution

For more information on the use case and benefits of Vormetric Data Security refer www.vormetric.com.

As organisations shift from physical to virtual environments and subsequently leverage infrastructure in the cloud, the security of their data is an even greater concern. Virtualisation drastically increases the portability of operating environments. Subsequently, sensitive information and intellectual property in the form of digital data can be accessed more easily than ever before by un-authorised individuals and malicious insiders.

Contact Oper8 now to take advantage of the Vormetric Encryption as a Service and to ensure the protection of your critical business data.

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