Oper8 services for your business

Oper8’s range of services can support all business sizes from Micro Business (less than 4 staff), Small to Medium Business (5 to 50 staff), to Corporate, Government and Not-for-Profit organisations.

Contact us to help right size a service to meet your needs, and find out more about

  • Coloc8 – Data Centre Services
  • Elev8 – Storage Solutions
  • Communic8 – Network and Internet Services
  • Acceler8 – Network Acceleration Solutions
  • Licensing – by the month software licensing for select Microsoft, SilverPeak and ContentKeeper solutions

Coloc8 – Data Centre Services

Oper8’s Data Centre Services are grouped under our Coloc8 range, and cover

  • Data Centre Colocation solutions (from quarter rack to whole rack colocation options over 10kW per rack)
  • Data Centre Hosting (1RU to less than 10RU of rack space for your own hardware)
  • DCIM as Service (with StruxureWare and RFCode)
  • Internet Content Filtering (with ContentKeeper)
  • Specialist Data Centre Cleaning

Elev8 – Storage Services

Oper8’s private, hybrid and cloud Storage Services are grouped under our Elev8 range, and cover

  • Oper8 CloudBox – Australia’s corporate box type solution based on CTERA Portal offering file and folder sharing, workstation and server backups, on premise CloudNAS appliances and your own shared Cloud Storage capacity
  • Media Backup – Oper8 has been delivering cloud based media (video and image) backup services for high volume storage for over 3 years – both for long term retention and to simply have a secure, offsite Australian backup copy
  • CCTV Backup – Oper8 uses a range of options to ‘onramp’ your secure CCTV footage to Oper8’s Cloud Storage, including a bundled solution using Acceler8 to increase bandwidth utilisation and reduce backup time over network connections
  • Backup as a Service featuring our on premise EdgeNAS Cache appliance that caches your backup locally (at LAN speed to reduce your backup window), then trickle copies your data to Oper8’s Cloud Storage platform
  • Archive as a Service featuring our new StrongBox platform from Crossroads, with capacity ranging from terabytes to petabytes either on-premise or as a hosted service

Elev8 your offsite media, backups and archives to the Australian hosted Oper8 Cloud Storage now.

Communic8 – Network and Internet Services

Oper8’s communications services are grouped under our Acceler8 range, and covers

  • Communic8 Internet delivering flat rate, business grade Internet Services to your business, or as a bundle with your Coloc8 service
  • Communic8 Broadband Services over Opticomm Fibre to the Business connected locations (site limitations apply)
  • Communic8 Metro Ethernet Services delivering direct point-to-point ethernet connectivity between your offices, data centres or Coloc8 services
  • Communic8 WAN Services delivering wide area and internet communications solutions
  • Communic8 VoIP Services offering IP Telephony solutions to business (site limitations apply)

Acceler8 – Network Acceleration Services

Oper8’s network, storage and internet optimisation and acceleration services are grouped under our Acceler8 range, and covers

  • Acceler8 Internet – Accelerate your internet connection via the Oper8 Acceler8 service hosted at Oper8@Polaris
  • Acceler8 Storage using a range of service options to accelerate your storage traffic between your sites, or from your sites to your Elev8 Services
  • Acceler8 WAN which helps optimise and accelerate your WAN connections between your offices and your data centres

Licensing – Software by the Month

Oper8’s Partnering Agreements with Microsoft, Silver-Peak and ContentKeeper allow us to provide you with software licenses paid by the month (or purchased outright), covering

  • Microsoft Server, SQL Server, Sharepoint, Exchange and Dynamics
  • Microsoft Office, Visio, Project and Visual Studio
  • Microsoft Office365 solutions
  • ContentKeeper solutions
  • Silver-Peak licenses

In most cases, Monthly licenses automatically include Service Assurance and version updates.