The expense, time, and commitment required to deploy new software and systems can be silent killers of any IT project. And most storage vendors don’t make it easy to deploy a new solution with your existing resources. StrongBox® is a simple storage solution that works seamlessly with what you already own or even with the cloud. Now, you can try it before you buy it to experience the simplicity first hand.

Install, set up, and start writing to your new archive in less than an hour. Archiving and storage management have never been easier.

  1. Start with the StrongBox® Virtual Machine (download a free trial from StrongBoxData).
  2. Use the free Storage Assessment to identify stale data that belongs in a cost-effective archive.
  3. Set policies and begin seamlessly moving data from your primary storage into your new archive. Start with a small data set and test file recall in your environment during a real business day, not a closed test environment.
  4. Know you can retrieve data as expected.
  5. Expand and grow – pay only for the storage you need.

Get prepared for data growth with an archive that scales to fit your business. Start your archive project for a $0 investment and add capacity as needed. Finally, a storage strategy that doesn’t demand your dollars without proving its value first.

StrongBox and Oper8 can deliver virtualised archive appliances now, enabling a quick start for the archive process. As you grow, use StrongBox VM combined with StrongBox Replication and a centralised StrongBox library enables you to expand your own archive-as-a-service across multiple sites.

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Information and content courtesy of StrongBoxData.