Oper8 is a StrongBoxData certified partner for the StrongBox platform supporting Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific

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What is StrongBox

StrongBox forms part of the Elev8 suite of storage solutions by Oper8.

StrongBox is a network-attached storage (NAS) appliance built to simplify data access and provide the most cost-effective storage for unstructured data. StrongBox ensures complete data protection for all of your online, nearline and archive storage needs. Combining flexible, policy-driven performance with cost-effective Linear Tape File System (LTFS) technology, StrongBox empowers you to control storage expenses without sacrificing data availability, limiting scalability or adding complexity.

StrongBox is the ultimate storage solution for unstructured data.

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StrongBox’s intelligent storage management provides the right performance to meet your applications and workflow requirements while maximizing cost savings to meet your budget. Create your perfect balance of storage performance and economics by fusing storage technologies (SSD, HDD and tape) into a seamless tier of storage.

Access data to meet business needs

When you need access to your data, you don’t want to wait. StrongBox’s unique policy tuning balances data availability with system efficiency. Users have a persistent view of all files and objects so that data can be recalled simply when needed.

Deploy with existing architecture

Connecting to the network via standard NFS, CIFS or S3 protocols, StrongBox provides an easy point for applications and users to access data directly as a standard file system, no special applications or agents needed. With a RESTful API and host of intrinsic tools for application integration, StrongBox can be deployed with your existing resources or as a stand-alone solution.

Scale file or object storage at the lowest cost

StrongBox provides file and/or object storage to provide the best of both worlds in one solution. Using the standard S3 protocol, users now have the ability to benefit from low-cost tape media for object storage efficiency, blended with the performance of disk to store or access data anywhere, at any time.

Control storage costs and reduce TCO

Data grows exponentially – budgets don’t. With StrongBox and LTO/LTFS tape, you can scale storage as needed using the library of your choice or even add multiple tape libraries to increase storage capacity seamlessly managed behind a single StrongBox. Users can add FC/SAS disk arrays, such as StrongBox XpanDisk, to increase the nearline storage capacity.

Minimize data center costs by leveraging low-power, low-cost LTFS media for long-term assets. StrongBox keeps data center power requirements low, reducing operational costs by up to 95 percent.

Stay in control of your data with LTFS and LTO – no vendor lock-in

You stay in control of your data with StrongBox. By leveraging the open standard LTFS technology, StrongBox writes data in a non-proprietary format and makes no modifications to files or metadata. A StrongBox system is not required to read data written by StrongBox – tapes can be exported and read by any LTFS drive.

StrongBox supports most LTFS standards, with Oper8’s solutions centered on LTO-6 and LTO-7 tape systems.

Protect Data On and Offsite

Storage is fundamental, but ensuring that data can be retrieved is key to a successful IT infrastructure. StrongBox protects data on multiple fronts so that you can be confident that data written is recoverable in time of need. You can protect data offsite by replicating to a secondary StrongBox (either your own dedicated unit or to Oper8’s hosted Elev8 services) or writing data to an offsite library (for example Oper8’s Archive-as-a-Service).

Key data integrity and protection features include:

  • Pass-through tape encryption
  • File integrity check with HASH code validation
  • Intuitive system monitoring and health checks
  • Proactive self-healing

StrongBox provides touchless tape management by writing to multiple libraries, no manual involvement needed.

StrongBox Supports Multiple Tape Libraries

StrongBox Multi-Library Support

Simplify storage infrastructure with an easy-to-use solution

Unlike complex storage systems that require hours of configuration and training, StrongBox is a plug-and-play NAS appliance that is simple to deploy. Connecting to the network via GbE or 10GbE, StrongBox presents stored data just like a standard network share.  Standard interfaces include CIFS, NFS and S3.

Build a sustainable active archive

StrongBox empowers an active archive architecture in which all data remains available without high operating costs or bogging down network resources. StrongBox is energy efficient to help you meet Green IT initiatives, not to mention reduces your cost for power by up to 95 percent.

Integrate with existing storage infrastructure

Take advantage of StrongLINK to simplify data management and enhance the value of your existing storage in conjunction with StrongBox.


StrongBox X-Series Appliances

The StrongBox X-Series has been developed to enable direct and local support across international markets including Australia and the South Pacific.

StrongBox is available in two flexible, scalable platforms to meet your specific business requirements. Each can be configured with internal disk capacity to fit your data performance needs.

StrongBox X-10 features

  • Flexible for small to enterprise customers, managing up to 100PBs of usable storage (200 million files)
  • Space-efficient model with up to 11TB of internal disk storage
  • Support for up to 8 LTO5/LTO6 or IBM TS1140/TS1150 tape drives

StrongBox X-20 features

  • The most robust StrongBox model, ideal for the enterprise data center offering managed capacity up to 100PBs or 1.6 billion files
  • Powerful performance with up to 36TB internal disk storage
  • Support for 16 LTO5/LTO6 or IBM TS1140/TS1150 tape drives

View the StrongBox Datasheets


StrongBox VM Editions

StrongBox VM has been released in three flexible editions, with different connectivity features designed to meet your specific business requirements. Each can be configured with internal disk capacity to fit your data performance needs.

StrongBox VM Editions
Specification VM Basic Edition VM Advanced VM Enterprise
License Free VM License, noting annual Software Support Maintenance fees apply Requires VM Advanced License and annual Software Support Maintenance fees Requires VM Enterprise License and annual Software Support Maintenance fees
External Tape Library N/A SAS or FC SAS or FC
LTFS Tape Drives N/A (not supported) Up to 2 active drives LTO-5, LTO-6, LTO-7, IBM TS1140, TS1150 Up to 16 active drives LTO-5, LTO-6, LTO-7, IBM TS1140, TS1150
Supported Protocols NFS v3, CIFS SMB 1/2/3, S3 NFS v3, CIFS SMB 1/2/3, S3 NFS v3, CIFS SMB 1/2/3, S3
Number of File Shares 256 256 256
Connectivity 1Gb or 10Gb Ethernet 1Gb or 10Gb Ethernet 1Gb or 10Gb Ethernet
Replication License Required* Optional Optional

* Note: A Replication License is required to enable VM Basic deployments to replicate data to another onsite, or offsite StrongBox system (X-Series Appliance, VM Advanced or VM Enterprise)

StrongBox VM Edition systems run on VMware as noted

VMware Specifications
Specification VM Basic Edition VM Advanced VM Enterprise
VMware ESXi vSphere v5.5
and 6.0
ESXi vSphere v5.5
and 6.0
ESXi vSphere v5.5
and 6.0
Host Processor Minimum of 2 cores Minimum of 4 cores Minimum of 4 cores
Memory Allocation 8GB RAM
Min 90GB local disk*
Min 90GB local disk*
Min 90GB local disk*
Network Connectivity 2x (1Gb or 10Gb) NIC ports 2x (1Gb or 10Gb) NIC ports 2x (1Gb or 10Gb) NIC ports
I/O Connectivity Not Required SAS or FC SAS or FC

* Note: an additional disk allocation of approximately 230GB is required for each block of 100 million files to be stored in the system.

The Datasheet is available here



Two or more StrongBox systems can be configured for replication to occur at the File Share level. Replication licenses start at 300Mpbs, with 1Gbps and 2.4Gbps options available.

Offsite Protection

Replicate all or part of your StrongBox to one or more off-site StrongBox appliances using WAN Accelerated Replication:

  • Located at a second office or data centre, or
  • A dedicated StrongBox hosted in Oper8’s high security data centres (with flat-rate Internet and Direct Connect options), or
  • Elev8 your data using Oper8’s Archive-as-a-Service (based on the StrongBox platform)

Using StrongBox Replication up to 40 source StrongBox systems (appliance and VM Edition) can replicate select File Shares to a single target StrongBox system (appliance, VM Advanced or VM Enterprise).

Replication licenses are required on each StrongBox system that forms part of a replication pair. A single replication license is required on the target StrongBox system regardless of the number of source StrongBox systems that are replicating to it.

A single target StrongBox system can support up to 40 source StrongBox systems.


StrongBox by StrongBoxData

Oper8 is pleased to support the StrongBox platform across Australia and the South Pacific as a certified partner for StrongBoxData.

StrongBoxData reference sites and additional StrongBox information can be found here (links open in a new window):

In early 2016, StrongBoxData formally acquired StrongBox from Crossroads.