Our Focus

Throughout 2011 we were unable to find a solution for reliable Australian owned and based hosting for our new systems and solutions so we built our own company Oper8 to meet that need.

Having a local person to talk with, the security of knowing that your data was backed up locally and secure was something that we highly valued and we believed other Australian businesses – big and small would too.

With the market becoming more educated and aware of the issues with data storage overseas, our business has grown and continues to grow.

Our Approach

Oper8’s approach is to develop, plan and deliver IT services that enable your business

IT is a business tool that should be aligned to help deliver your core business – whether medical, construction, mining, communications, government or other. If information technology is holding your business back, it’s the right time to talk to Oper8.

Who we work with

We service a wide range of industries, from the micro business to the enterprise level. Each have a different way that they want to engage with us and a different level of IT services and expertise. This is why we came up with our unique blend of services, products and solutions.

We have provided these services to the following industries:

  • Healthcare
  • Government
  • Education
  • Media
  • Government
  • Utilities
  • Construction
  • Property Development
  • Professional Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • IT & Telecommunications

Don’t worry if your industry isn’t listed above – we’re sure we can help you align your IT investments with your core business needs.

Our Brands

Our Premium Partners

How we select our partners and suppliers

Oper8 is always on the lookout for solutions and products that add value, offer and continually deliver sustained business benefits to our clients, and are able to deliver a business need.

We also like to focus on the range of businesses we know need our services – from Micro Businesses (with 1 to 4 staff), through Small Medium Businesses (with 5 to 50 staff), to Corporate and Government entities. Each different type and size of company experiences different challenges which we aim to help resolve.

Our executive team regularly travels nationally and internationally to meet new vendors and to see their products first hand. We continually look for new ways of doing things in a cost effective and energy efficient way. It’s how we’ve been fortunate to build great relationships with entities like Crossroads, ContentKeeper, Schneider Electric and RFCode.

Likewise, we know we’re not experts at everything, so we aim to work with, resell and/or subcontract preferred partners to help us deliver a range of commodity and specialised services.

With an ever changing IT and communications landscape we aim to keep our partners on their toes, and ultimately to drive value and business alignment through our product and solution selections.

We always have new products and services under review and development, and hope we can present some new partner based solutions in the coming months.

If you are a vendor and believe you can deliver a unique value proposition to our customers, please feel free to contact us.

Our Team

Mike Andrea

Mike Andrea

Managing Director

Mike has over 30 years’ experience in the ICT industry, covering strategy, design and management across commercial and government sectors.  He is a specialist in large-scale data centre development and telecommunications solutions, with particular skill in strategic and master planning, procurement, telecommunications and networking, design, management and operations, contract negotiations and project recovery.

Nick Lovell

Nick Lovell

Sales Director

Nick is a high impact ICT Sales Professional with over twenty years’ experience in delivering successful business outcomes for blue chip customers in Australia and Overseas. Nick is a passionate, positive communicator who backs what he says. His leadership has transformed under-performing teams into high achievers by leading from the front and engaging deeply with his customers.

What People Say…

Oper8’s ability to supply a complete solution, including UPS, Cooling, remote monitoring and Fire Detection and Suppression while assisting in the design and supply of additional IT infrastructure was a true value-add to AIHW.

Australian Institute of Health and Welfare

Edge Data Centres – or MicroDC’s are well placed to crunch massive amounts of data being generated by sensors, surveillance cameras, smartphones, production equipment, and self-driving cars in locations where you need storage and compute capacity – not just in capital cities.

Mike Andrea

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We are happy to help with any enquiry large or small.

Level 5, World Knowledge Centre, 37 Sinnathamby Blvd, Springfield QLD 4300, Australia

1300 516 288

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