About Us

Oper8 is based in Queensland, Australia, and has been delivering IT managed services, cloud storage, internet and WAN communications, and infrastructure-as-a-service since early 2012.

Our approach

Oper8’s approach is to develop, plan and deliver IT services that enable your business

IT is a business tool that should be aligned to help deliver your core business – whether medical, construction, mining, communications, government or other. If information technology is holding your business back, it’s the right time to talk to Oper8.

Who we work with

We service a wide range of industries, from the micro business to the enterprise level. Each have a different way that they want to engage with us and a different level of IT services and expertise. This is why we came up with our unique blend of services, products and solutions.

We have provided these services to the following industries:

  • Healthcare
  • Government
  • Education
  • Media
  • Government
  • Utilities
  • Construction
  • Property Development
  • Professional Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • IT & Telecommunications

Don’t worry if your industry isn’t listed above – we’re sure we can help you align your IT investments with your core business needs.

Our Brands

Oper8 has developed a range of brands and associated trademarks to clearly highlight our unique and long-term vision in delivering great services and products to our customers.

 Oper8 - Logo200 Starting with the Oper8 brand and logo with its hand-drawn numeral ‘8’ presenting our focus and drive to help customers ‘operate’ their IT, storage and communications through subscription, ‘as a service’ and other OPEX models rather than CAPEX or cash.
Oper8 8 Logo200 Our ‘8‘ shows we’re unique and always looking to the future with new and innovative solutions.
Elev8 - Logo200 With cloud and the ongoing drive for more storage, we created Elev8 to indicate your ability to lift or elevate your data to the cloud or similarly take advantage of our storage products and solutions to increase your data capacity.
Coloc8 - Logo200 The increasing demand for data centre solutions, including colocation services make Coloc8 the obvious name for all of Oper8’s data centre services and products.
Communic8 - Logo200 To complement our Elev8 and Coloc8 services, and to help deliver a single point solution that includes high-speed WAN and/or internet communications under Oper8’s responsibility, Communic8 was formed to simplify solution options.
Accelr8 - Logo200 Living in Australia and offering solutions across the South Pacific often means bandwidth and/or network performance is not always optimal. Hence with our new Silver Peak partnership in 2014 and our ability to offer monthly and annual subscriptions, Accelr8 became the obvious brand to drive our network acceleration and optimisation solutions.

How we select our partners and suppliers

Oper8 is always on the lookout for solutions and products that add value, offer and continually deliver sustained business benefits to our clients, and are able to deliver a business need.

We also like to focus on the range of businesses we know need our services – from Micro Businesses (with 1 to 4 staff), through Small Medium Businesses (with 5 to 50 staff), to Corporate and Government entities. Each different type and size of company experiences different challenges which we aim to help resolve.

Our executive team regularly travels nationally and internationally to meet new vendors and to see their products first hand. We continually look for new ways of doing things in a cost effective and energy efficient way. It’s how we’ve been fortunate to build great relationships with entities like Crossroads, ContentKeeper, Schneider Electric and RFCode.

Likewise, we know we’re not experts at everything, so we aim to work with, resell and/or subcontract preferred partners to help us deliver a range of commodity and specialised services.

With an ever changing IT and communications landscape we aim to keep our partners on their toes, and ultimately to drive value and business alignment through our product and solution selections.

We always have new products and services under review and development, and hope we can present some new partner based solutions in the coming months.

If you are a vendor and believe you can deliver a unique value proposition to our customers, please feel free to contact us.

Business Details

Oper8 Pty Ltd

Registered and headquartered in Queensland, and proudly Australian since 2012.

PO Box 4166
Springfield QLD 4300

ABN: 33 157 875 048

GITC#: Q-5804